“Over the three years I worked with Jim, he repeatedly proved himself to be a brilliant thought leader, driven researcher and strategist, and key contributor. His incredible charisma and can-do attitude are infectious, while his capacity for creating the best possible product makes everyone with whom he works want to do better as well. Jim's diplomatic approach to working with clients fosters a true partnership, rather than the typical client-vendor relationship. Not only is Jim loved by clients, but he is also loved by the people he works with internally, always playing the role of mentor and sounding board. Jim is a valuable asset to any company lucky enough to have him!” 

Rachel Sherman, Director of Marketing


“Jim is a brilliant strategist and brings an enormous amount of energy to his projects. His approach to every project was thorough and laser focused on delivering an experience users would desire while still meeting client's business initiatives. Despite my novice understanding of user research, Jim was eager to share his methodology and instill confidence in my capability. Additionally, his skills as a leader were often demonstrated when he collaboratively engaged the cross-functional team for ideas and strategies. I highly recommend Jim as a researcher, strategist, and team leader.” 

Lindsey Wagner, UX Designer and Researcher 


“Jim is a highly talented Information Architect and Creative Services Director. While at Granitar, Jim was responsible for consulting directly with clients to develop sound information architectures, perform usability analyses, and manage the entire creative process, including detailed wire frame compositions. Jim demonstrated tremendous creativity, unending flexibility and an inherent understanding of information architecture. I highly recommend and endorse Jim.” 

- Don Schiavone, Chief Operating Officer, Grasshopper Group 


“Never before have I had the pleasure of working with a senior team manager who is so enthusiastic about their work, or who has taught me so much. Jim's ability to express ideas to communicate with clients is simple, direct, and beneficial to get to the heart of the project. He is an absolute joy to have as an inspired team leader. Jim always encouraged the creative team to push the limit and made it fun. He has a 'can do' attitude and is eager to promote idea collaboration, team involvement, and is a great communicator. Creativity is his passion. I would highly recommend Jim Dalglish's professional services for your team. I would also work with Jim again if given the chance.” 

 - Brian Lucier, Senior Art Director bel@lid.com 


“Jim is easily the most talented designer I worked with in my 12 years of publishing and web design work. Clients not only asked for him by name, they made hiring decisions for our consulting firm contingent on Jim being the chief information design architect. As a project manager, having Jim on my team was like money in the bank.” 

- Andrea Baker, Vice President, Business Development at Kleinfelder 


“Jim did an amazing job with the information architecture and user interface design for our strategic client's global web properties. Accomplishing this task required Jim to facilitate a steering committee comprised of executives from competing business units, as well as the leadership of several European, South American and Asian offices. With his trademark positive attitude and good humor, Jim was able to meld all of these competing priorities into a cohesive information architecture and a clean, professional and intuitive user interface that met all of our client's business goals.” 

- Norb Gravelle, Principal Software Engineer at Foliage 


“Jim is one of the most amazing people I ever worked with. He has a great sense of humor and at the same time a very dedicated approach to his work. He is insightful, resourceful, and deeply committed to providing value to the customer. His client- and relationship management skills are outstanding. His creativity and diverse range of personal interests made him an invaluable member of our implementation team who motivated others and carried us forward even in difficult times.” 

- Christian Donner, Principal Consultant, Granitar 


“Jim is a visionary leader who keeps the trains running on time. He is able to take on many different roles and accomplish the goals associated with each in a highly professional manner. He was a pleasure to work for and with, and will bring many skills and talents to whatever management position he takes on in the future.” 

- Deborah Magee, Director of Development, Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater 



“Jim is sharp, intelligent, and very hard-working. His marketing acumen is on target and his leadership skills are exemplary. His public speaking is persuasive and appealing. Jim would be a great asset to any organization.” 

- Arlene Kirsch, Director of Development, Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater